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Social Media for People & Business

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Why Should I Care?

A tweet here, a post there, insta-everything can be a great way to show your friends what you're up to - but they aren't the only ones looking. Employers, college recruiters, future landlords, and potential Coaches are all going to take a peek to see if they can figure out what you are really like.  Make sure the positive things like community service, outside activities, and travel are there, too!

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Learn the Lingo!

Before you post, ask yourself "What would Grandma think?"  If Grandma shouldn't see it, then future employers or college recruiters shouldn't either.

Privacy Settings: Keep only some things public while keeping photos, date of birth, and personal info private.

Identity Theft: Cyber-crime is real.  Facebook is a great place for criminals to learn personal info like your birthday when you, or your family is away on vacation or other personal details that they use to guess passwords and hack accounts. Don't make it so easy - your real friends will know your birthday anyway!



LinkedIn is a free way to advertise yourself. Create a profile that lines up with your resume. Link to your parents, friends, and relatives to see their network.

Link to organizations

that are important to you—your college, organizations where you belong or  have volunteered ex. Scouting or other activities.

Zoom or other methods of video conferencing  saves time and travel, so many companies will want to do an initial  interview this way.  Make sure nothing silly is behind you, the room you are in is quiet and your clothes aren't loud (busy patterns). Sit close enough to the computer so that only your upper body and shoulders are showing.  Don't talk with your hands or lean in too close. Remember, just because you are using a small laptop, doesn't mean the interviewers aren't watching you on a 60-inch screen!  Watch yourself on Zoom to see how you and your background appear on the screen. 

Some Really Big Don'ts

We are all entitled to a private life, but if you make your private life public, be prepared to be judged by it. Think we're exaggerating? Check out these examples below!

A. Doctors and nurses could be fired for playing a game while on duty. They posted it on their social media.

B. Teacher fired for posting a picture of herself holding a glass of wine and mug of beer on Facebook. 

C. Daycare worker fired for Facebook post saying she hates being around a lot of kids. 


​DON'T be those people!  


DO follow these quick tips!

DON'T write it if you don't want it to be seen by everyone, regardless of who you send it to!  Remember - "say it - forget it, write it - regret it!"

DO  scrub your pages and posts for anything embarrassing

DON'T make your birthday part of your email or Facebook profile

DO keep your passwords private and not obvious. No birthdays, pets names, favorite team names or mascots, or the most common passwords which are... PASSWORD and 123456789!

DON'T link to political or controversial organizations. 

Don't be judged by anything other than you!

DO your homework on companies you are interested in working for.  Check out their website, research them for recent news and see what they tweet! Look them up on LinkedIn to see their profile and if anyone in your network (or your parents) has a connection to the hiring manager or someone else in the Company - they might be able to give you some inside information or an introduction.

Do's & Don't of Social Media

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