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Why We Care

We are parents who were amazed by the how little our kids and their friends knew about personal finance. It was clear that...

Just because kids get great grades in school...

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It doesn't mean they will know how to do any of this when they enter the real world!

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As financial professionals, we know the importance of financial literacy. Studies have shown that young people who understand the fundamentals of personal finance are more likely to become financially secure adults. Saving early and avoiding debt can have profound impact on a child's life. 

 We are offering this program to high schools and homeschoolers. Online group classes are also available for individual students in groups of five or more. 

As a BONUS, any high school that buys our program receive a teacher workshop for all teachers at that school AND a Parent/PTA workshop. It is our strongest belief that the more the adults in our students' lives know, the more financially literate our students will be. 

So let's get started and welcome your kids to REALLIFE!

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