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Welcome to REALLIFE

Real Examples About Life & Learning In Financial Education

Forget the stock market game! There's so much more young adults need to know about personal finance as they enter the exciting, if slightly confusing, world of #adulting. Our Life Lessons will help them navigate everything they need to know for real life.

Welcome to REALLIFE is easy to teach & fun to learn.

We include the MOST important things young adults need to understand about personal finance using REALLIFE examples.

We ditch the financial jargon and provide teacher training and support.


Welcome to REALLIFE is practical.

Let's face it. Our kids may never calculate the area of a hypotenuse again, but they will definitely use a W4, a W2, a 1040, and a 401K.

Relax. We explain it all!

  • Discuss Resumes

  • Using Social Media Properly

  • W-4 & First day job paperwork

  • Health Insurance & Benefits

  • Retirement Savings

  • Student loans

  • Credit score & Loans

  • Banking & Saving

  • Vacations & Sick Days

  • Savings Pyramid

  • Breakdown of Stocks

  • Intricacies of Bonds

  • Mutual Funds & ETFs

  • Identity Theft Prevention

  • Taxes

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Prepare Your Students for REALLIFE


Just click on Life Lesson #1 and let's get started!

Here are real questions we've heard from real people.
It's why we care!

"If I get paid $20,000 a year, is it at the beginning of the year, or at the end?  How do I pay my bills if it's at the end?"

"If I work 2 jobs this year, do I have to file two tax returns?"

"What do you mean I owe $1,600? Do you mean that the government is going to take $1,600 away from my refund?"

Asked by a student with 3.92 GPA

and a business degree 

Asked by a college graduate the year after graduation

From a student who had the wrong withholding and found out he is NOT getting a refund AND has to pay the IRS


If you have questions or want more information about introducing your  students, clients, or employees to our very practical, REAListic program call Susan Quigley or Jackie Doherty at 516 354-3334 or contact us via email at or 

Call us at 516-354-3334

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